Into Legal World is an established name in legal fraternity. We are serving fraternity by providing a quality legal contents in form of Legal Articles, Legal Notes, Lecture Notes, Legal News Bites and many more contents. Into Legal World is now embarking its name in the field of training and teaching. We aim to provide advanced and specific knowledge.
Training Cum Job Opportunity is one of its kind program which helps in your preparations as well as trains you for an alternative job opportunity. The program is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits in the schedule of the aspirants. The course is designed in a way that helps the aspirants to learn the techniques of creative and stable learning. After 6 months of training we provide jobs to our trainees in case one is unable to get through the respective competitive exam. Trainee will also be provided with at least one certification course parallel to the training.
Into Legal World Institute through its Training Cum Job Opportunity Program 5is giving a chance to PCSJ, HJS, UPSC and other civil services aspirants of law background to enhance their writing and research skills. We also aim to provide an all-round personality development the aspirant.


  • We aim to develop all-round personality of students by providing them task concerned with development of their skills.
  • We offer at least one certification courses in domains of IPR, Taxation, and Drafting.
  • We offer jobs to every trainee at the end of the training.


  • To provide alternative career options to the trainees.
  • To enhance reading, writing and speaking skills of trainees.
  • Excellent research & writing skills, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • To enhance research skills of trainees.
  • To boost ‘to the point answer writing’ skills of trainees.


  • Students with Best Performance will be awarded with worth 15000 INR Into Legal World benefits.
  • Entire fee will be waived off for the student who qualifies PCS-J or any other competitive exams s/he is enrolled for.
  • Scholarship for best performers.
  • Job guarantee to scholarship holder.


  • Course Fee – 15,000 /-


  • Date of Commencement - 30-May-2019
  • Date of Application:Open(Circular Batches)
  • Selection Mail: 2 Days after application
  • Payment Link: attached with selection mail.
  • Payment accepted 7 days from the day link shared
  • Orientation 2 days after payment
  • Commencement 3 days after orientation or the next Monday(whichever is first)


  • Online/ Offline


  • Abhishek Tripathi - +91 7007976442
  • Amaresh Patel - +91 8182044727
  • Richa Shukla - +91 7054644911
  • Email -


S.No. Project Session (1 Session = 6 hrs)
1 Class Room Mooting 5 Session
2 Lecture Series 10 Session
3 Question Bank (MCQ)/Legal Quiz 3 Session
4 100 Landmark Judgment Series 7 Session
5 100 Landmark Judgment 2018 NA
6 Answer Writing Classes (Subjective) 10 Session
7 Current Affairs 20 Session (1/6 Session daily)
8 Videos Lecture 1 Session weekly
9 Legal Notes/Article 14 Session(Weekly)
10 Class Room Program 15 Session
11 Certification Courses (Special Classes) NA
12 Miscellaneous 15 Session