Into Legal World Webinar on
"State Sponsored Terrorism and International Law: The way forward"

War, since time immemorial, has been an integral method of asserting dominance by states. Today in tandem with technological advancements, it is only the nature of war that has changed. Nowadays, on account of the devastation of the world wars that have occurred and the possibilities of any future ones, international law has some regulatory mechanisms as a check. However, this is not exhaustive and it is on account of such a gap that the concept of “State sponsored terrorism” or as it is more commonly known - “Proxy wars” has gained importance, whether it be one akin to that of USA and USSR or Saudi Arabia and Iran or Israel and Iran or unilateral actions of states such as Israel, USA, Pakistan etc. In the last 4 decades, states have been using non-state actors to achieve their clandestine and subterfuge motives.

The proposed webinar would be focussing and discussing the legal parlance of state-sponsored terrorism, with specific reference to Pakistan, Iran, China Israel, and a host of other countries.

Topics of Discussion

Why Wars?
Proxy Wars
State Sponsored Terrorism
Discussion with specific reference to Pakistan, Iran, China Israel, and a host of other countries.
Role of UAE, USA, USSR and Israel

Who should attend the webinar?

Students of Law and International Relation
Professionals (engaged in International Relation Operations)
Students and Professional in field of Journalism
Anyone interested in understanding the topic
Students preparing for Competitive Exams like UPSC, PCS, PCS-J, etc

Speaker for the Webinar

Anirudha Choudhury

Assistant Professor,
KIIT Law School, Bhubaneshwar

About the Speaker

Anirudha Choudhury joined as Assistant Professor in March, 2016. He has graduated from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur in 2008. After completing graduation, he has done his MA in International Law and Settlement of Disputes from Department of International Law and Human Rights, UN Mandated University of Peace, San Jose, Costa Rica in 2015. He has been an International debater and mooter during his time in HNLU, Raipur, and has a rich and diverse experience of working in Corporate, Litigation and Test-Prep sector for the last 7 years. He has participated and presented papers in National and International seminars, and is also an avid quizzer and political analyst, with specific reference to International events and affairs. His major areas of specialization are Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Law and Relations, WTO, Trade and Investment Law. He has taught subjects like International Humanitarian Law, Law of International Organizations, International Criminal Law, Law of Torts and Land Laws.


Adv Anwesha Ghosh

Faculty at Into Legal World
LLM (Gold Medallist)

Fees : Free for All

Date : 28 June 2020.

Time : 5:00PM Onwards.

Duration : 60 Min

Webinar Platform : YouTube

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Certificate will be awarded to all the registered students who attend the complete webinar only.