Into Legal World is announcing its first National Debate Competition. Working with a cause of creating a change in perspectives, Into Legal World took is coming up with a topic which is widely misunderstood. ‘Gender Biasness’ ever existing phenomena in society. It still exists with a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings. Gender Biasness doesn’t only mean biases against women, biases against any gender are Gender Biasness. We often ignore Transgenders when we talk about gender, the recent recognition from the Supreme Court has allotted them all the rights as gender. We aim a debate which deals with perspectives and opinions more than book knowledge.


Sub Theme

“Contrast Between Fundamental Rights and Personal Laws.”

“Does our Law Support Patriarchy?”

“Most Right-less Gender in Legal System.”

“Is Gender Biasness is Good for the Harmony of Society?”

A uniquely formulated structure makes it’s different from all the other debate competitions. We have designed in such a way that every participant gets an opportunity to present their opinion in favor and express their disagreement.

Every participant is supposed to submit their constructive statements, for and against, in a written format. Best Written Statements submitted by the participants will be published in a book with ISBN. Unique mention of points of law, which are discriminatory or biased, by participants will get a place in the PIL to be filed by Into Legal World in Court. The participants whose points will be selected will be a contributor in the PIL Research Team.


The competition follows three stages:

  • Qualifying Round
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finale

Note: All stages follow the same format.

Rounds at each stage:

  • Round 1: Participants have to present a constructive statement in favor of their notion. (Allotted time 3 minutes)
  • Round 2: Participants will get a chance to rebut other participant’s constructive statements. (Maximum 2 opportunities)
  • Round 3: Jury will ask questions from the participants.

Judging Panels:

  • Adjudicators: 2 Members (Faculty and Social Activist)

Adjudicators will be judging the participants on the research, speaking and rebutting skills.

  • Jury: 3 Members (Faculty, Scholar and Social Activist)

Jury will be free to ask the questions from the participants. Jury will be judging the participants on the research, speaking, rebutting skills and on the basis of answers provided by participants.

Note: Adjudicators and Jury will have independent 50-50 % weight in marking.

  • Observer: An observer will be appointed for each debate room to ensure the proper functioning of competition.

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