The diploma will focus on all the aspects of Intellectual Property Law and Management. In today's day and age, it is very important for individuals to understand the nuances of Intellectual Property and how it can be used as an asset for the benefit of an organization/company.
This course will be essential for all lawyers, business managers, students of law and business, who in their day to day affairs would be dealing with Intellectual Property. There are many diploma courses offered on Intellectual Property, but this is first of its kind in India. This diploma programme aims to provide an introduction to the law and management of Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation for those whose future career may involve the management of IP and innovation. The diploma also covers the Practical aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

The objectives of this Programme are to:

After the diploma students will be able to

  • Acquaint the learners with the basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Develop expertise in the learners in IPR related issues; and
  • Sensitize the learners with the emerging issues in IPR and the rationale for the protection of IPR.
  • To cover the practical aspects through various projects.

Date Of Launch

  • 27-May-2019


  • 8 Months

Key Features

  • Online Video Lectures
  • Course developed by learned academicians and practicing lawyers
  • Skype Lectures
  • Essay form Weekly Report
  • Online MCQ tests
  • Study Material
  • Book
  • Audio Video Presentations along with Electronic material, which can be printed for references
  • IPR filing formats

Fees Structure

  • 15,000 INR

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