This certificate programme aims to provide an introduction to the Cyber [Internet] law in India for those who may seek a career in the technology industry. The enrolled student would be getting a deep insight not only into the fundamentals of Internet Law, but also an insight on legal issues pertaining to data privacy and protection, digital signatures.
The teaching term runs for 6 weeks. Weekly Assessment done on Saturdays of each week.
This programme will feature the involvement of experienced practitioners/ academicians.

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New batch commencing from every Monday.


Mr. Asit Srivastava
Faculty of Law
NLU Odisha

Ms Anwesha Ghosh(Gold Medlist,LLM, NLU, Ranchi
Reserch Scholar

Mr. Subham Singh
University of Reading,
United Kingdom (UK)


  • Course developed by learned academicians and practicing lawyers
  • Audio Video Presentations along with Electronic material, which can be printed for references
  • Essay form Weekly Report
  • Study Material
  • Book
Students will get Certificate and Letter Head Report Card.
Assured Job Opportunity with top Firms like Seths & Associates and Sui Juris Law Firm(Supreme Court), based on performance.


  • 6 Weeks


  • 4000 INR

Cyber Law and Data Privacy Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction
  • Computer Definition, Evolution, Advantages, Growth of internet. Introduction to Cyber World
  • The Impact on the society by computers
  • Requirement for Cyber law
  • Introduction to Indian Cyber law.

Module 2: Cyber crimes
  • Understanding the concept of Cyber crimes
  • Reasons for commission of cyber crime
  • Cyber criminals and their objectives
  • Conventional crimes and its features
  • Difference between cyber crimes and conventional crimes.

Module 3: Kinds of Cyber Crimes
  • Cyber stalking
  • Cyber pornography
  • Forgery and fraud
  • Crime related to IPRs
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Computer vandalism
  • Cyber Crimes against Individuals
  • Institution and State
  • Hacking
  • Some other offences under IT Act, 2000.

Module 4: Regulatory Framework
International perspective
  • EDI: Concept and legal Issues
  • UNCITRAL Model Law
  • Electronic Signature Law’s of Major Countries
  • Cryptography Laws
  • Cyber Law’s of Major Countries
  • EU Convention on Cyber Crime.
  • Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments: Jurisdiction Agreement.
Domestic legal perspective
  • Information Technology Act, 2000 – Digital Signature;
  • E-Governance
  • Regulation of Certifying Authorities; Duties of Subscribers
  • Penalties and Adjudications
  • Making of Rules and Regulations
  • E – commerce and Laws in India.

Module 5: Cyber Space Jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction issues under IT Act, 2000
  • Traditional principals of Jurisdiction
  • Extra terrestrial Jurisdiction
  • Case Laws on Cyber Space Jurisdiction.

Module 6: Cyberspace and Dispute Resolution
  • Concept of Jurisdiction
  • Indian Context of Jurisdiction and IT Act, 2000
  • International Law and Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace
  • Dispute Resolutions

Module 7: Cyber Law on Data Privacy
  • The concept of 'Privacy'
  • Whether privacy is a fundamental right?
  • Extent and threat to privacy in the digital age.