The Certificate in Copyright Law is designed exclusively for trainee copyright attorneys. It is a 4 week course with a high concentration on many of the practical aspects of copyright, and features greater involvement of copyright practitioners to complement the academic treatment of the subject matter. This course is approved by ISO and DIPP.
The teaching term runs for 4 weeks. Weekly Assessment done on Saturdays of each week.
This programme will feature the involvement of experienced copyright practitioners/ academicians.

Ms. Kanika Dhingra(LLM IPR)
Faculty of Law

Ms. Anjali Dixit
Faculty Guide


  • Online Video Lectures/Skype Lectures
  • Course developed by learned academicians and practicing lawyers
  • Audio Video Presentations along with Electronic material, which can be printed for references
  • Essay form Weekly Report
  • Study Material
  • Book
Students will get Certificate and Letter Head Report Card. Report Card will contain all the work and progress by the students.

DURATION - 4 weeks                         FEES - 3500 INR


General Regime of Intellectual Property Rights
  • (a) Concept of Property vis-à-vis Intellectual Property
  • (b) Types of Intellectual Property- An Overview.
  • (c) Intellectual Property Rights as Human Right.
  • (d) Role of International Institutions

Copyright and Neighbouring Rights

1. Introduction to Copyright
  • a) Conceptual Basis
  • b) International Protection of Copyright and Related rights- An Overview (International Convention/Treaties on Copyright)
2. Indian Copyright Law
  • a) The Copyright Act, 1957 with its amendments
  • b) Copyright works
  • c) How to License and Monetize Copyright Laws
  • d) Ownership, transfer and duration of Copyright
  • e) Renewal and Termination of Copyright
  • f) Neighbouring Rights
  • g) Infringement of copyrights and practical remedies
3. Copyright and Cyber Space