Insolvency and Bankruptcy code is one of the most important economic reforms in India. The 2016 Code applies to companies and individuals. It provides for a time-bound process to resolve insolvency.To ensure an uninterrupted resolution process, the Code also provides immunity to debtors from resolution claims of creditors during this period. The Code also consolidates provisions of the current legislative framework to form a common forum for debtors and creditors of all classes to resolve insolvency.

The Certificate Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code presented by Into Legal World provides the in-depth theoretical and practice knowledge of the subject. The course gives in detail concept and procedure of the insolvency and liquidation process.


  • We Accept 30 Students per batch.
  • All the batches are scheduled to be conducted from 13th July.
  • Next Batch will start only after completion of on-going batch.


Advocate Abhinav Gaur
High Court Allahabad(Prayagraaj)

The Course Includes:

Penal Provisions
Role of NCLT and NCLAT
Creditors under the Code
Moratorium and its consequences
InsolvencyResolution Professional
Operational and Financial Creditors
Scope and application of code in litigation.

The course is useful for professional and students both. The course is important even for individuals who are into finance and banking.

Fees: ₹ 5000       Duration: 4 Weeks

Key Features of the Course:

Online Video Lectures/Skype Lectures
Course developed by learned academicians and practicing lawyers
Audio Video Presentations along with Electronic material, which can be printed for references
24*7 Course Access
Essay form Weekly Report
Study Material

*Students will get Certificate and Letter Head Report Card. Report Card will contain all the work and progress by the students.



Module 1:

Introduction to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
Understanding about the Code vis-a-vis purpose of the legislation and scope of it's application in litigation.
Who can sue and who can be sued?
Understanding the inclusion of Corporate Debtor, Operational Creditor, Financial Creditor and the like under the Code.
Discussion on amendments so far in the Code and the purpose of amending the Code.

Module 2:

Appointment of Insolvency Professional
Roles and duties of Interim Resolution Professional/Resolution Professional as well as Liquidator
Understanding the chain of events leading to invocation of corporate insolvency process and Liquidation Process

Module 3:

What is Moratorium and it's consequences
Role of Committee of Creditors under the Code
Role of NCLT and NCLAT in adjudication of disputes under the Code

Module 4:

Stakeholders under IBC – Operational and Financial Creditors and identifying the same based on caselaws
Penal Provisions under IBC