This certificate programme aims to provide an introduction to the Cyber [Internet] law in India for those who may seek a career in the technology industry. The enrolled student would be getting a deep insight not only into the fundamentals of Internet Law, but also an insight on legal issues pertaining to data privacy and protection, digital signatures.
The teaching term runs for 6 weeks. Weekly Assessment done on Saturdays of each week.
This programme will feature the involvement of experienced practitioners/ academicians.

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  • We Accept 30 Students per batch.
  • All the batches are scheduled to be conducted from 13th July.
  • Next Batch will start only after completion of on-going batch.


Mr. Asit Srivastava
Faculty of Law
NLU Odisha

Ms Anwesha Ghosh(Gold Medlist,LLM, NLU, Ranchi
Reserch Scholar

Mr. Subham Singh
University of Reading,
United Kingdom (UK)


  • Course developed by learned academicians and practicing lawyers
  • Audio Video Presentations along with Electronic material, which can be printed for references
  • Essay form Weekly Report
  • Study Material
  • Book
Students will get Certificate and Letter Head Report Card.
Assured Job Opportunity with top Firms like Seths & Associates and Sui Juris Law Firm(Supreme Court), based on performance.


  • 6 Weeks


  • 4000 INR

Cyber Law and Data Privacy Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction
  • Computer Definition, Evolution, Advantages, Growth of internet. Introduction to Cyber World
  • The Impact on the society by computers
  • Requirement for Cyber law
  • Introduction to Indian Cyber law.

Module 2: Cyber crimes
  • Understanding the concept of Cyber crimes
  • Reasons for commission of cyber crime
  • Cyber criminals and their objectives
  • Conventional crimes and its features
  • Difference between cyber crimes and conventional crimes.

Module 3: Kinds of Cyber Crimes
  • Cyber stalking
  • Cyber pornography
  • Forgery and fraud
  • Crime related to IPRs
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Computer vandalism
  • Cyber Crimes against Individuals
  • Institution and State
  • Hacking
  • Some other offences under IT Act, 2000.

Module 4: Regulatory Framework
International perspective
  • EDI: Concept and legal Issues
  • UNCITRAL Model Law
  • Electronic Signature Law’s of Major Countries
  • Cryptography Laws
  • Cyber Law’s of Major Countries
  • EU Convention on Cyber Crime.
  • Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments: Jurisdiction Agreement.
Domestic legal perspective
  • Information Technology Act, 2000 – Digital Signature;
  • E-Governance
  • Regulation of Certifying Authorities; Duties of Subscribers
  • Penalties and Adjudications
  • Making of Rules and Regulations
  • E – commerce and Laws in India.

Module 5: Cyber Space Jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction issues under IT Act, 2000
  • Traditional principals of Jurisdiction
  • Extra terrestrial Jurisdiction
  • Case Laws on Cyber Space Jurisdiction.

Module 6: Cyberspace and Dispute Resolution
  • Concept of Jurisdiction
  • Indian Context of Jurisdiction and IT Act, 2000
  • International Law and Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace
  • Dispute Resolutions

Module 7: Cyber Law on Data Privacy
  • The concept of 'Privacy'
  • Whether privacy is a fundamental right?
  • Extent and threat to privacy in the digital age.